There are saying. When in Rome, act like Romans. This trip in Seoul, no guide, but we got around with subways, buses and occasional taxi ride with this T money. So convenient.

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Baby Ear Muff

Hi Everyone! The star focus on today’s blog would be my uber cute nephew! This came to mind because this is the second overseas trip and the overwhelming response on his headphone like ear muffs.

My sister bought the ear muff when he was just three months old. He was born in Australia and had to travel to Indonesia because that’s where he would permanently reside, but in the mean time, he usually travel back and forth with my sister, hence the need of ear muff due to his frequent travel.

This ear muff are quite comfortable and it is good to block the airplane noise. As you can see, it’s great for us as well to have a quiet journey where the baby is stress free.

IMG_1081[1] IMG_1109[1] IMG_1150[1] IMG_1137[1] IMG_1152[1]

They come in different colour strap. We got the blue checker band and below is the pink polkadot band, because a friend of mine wanted to have one for her baby girl.

I would love to share the links with all of you, but my sister told me that she ordered them from Ebay, and both of them were ordered from different sellers. For the recent purchase, it costs us AUD 36.90.

Aussie Farmers Direct Christmas Party

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Hi Everyone! It is December after all, where everyone celebrates Christmas! I was invited to Aussie Farmers Direct Christmas Celebration. They have food, drinks, treats, entertainment and presents! It was fun and great outing day for the family. 🙂 My cute nephew got his first christmas present!! He is so adorable!

Walk In The Park

Hi Everyone! Yes, its been a while. I just have to say that bloggers are amazing! I thought it would be easy just to keep on posting. I could see how some bloggers could just do an update everyday! I tried to do it, but as you can see, It took me weeks to just get one post in this blog. I will not give up, I will post according to my pace. 🙂

IMG_3413 IMG_3417 IMG_3419 IMG_3421 IMG_3422

Location: Parramatta Park, Australia

My Outfit:

Warehouse Dress

Tory Burch Leather Bracelet

Emporio Armani Sunglasses

Charles and Keith Sandal

 – Mulberry Mulberry Heritage Bayswater Satchel

October Baby!

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I receive a feedback from one of the lovely ladies and now, I am taking action, as it was something I could comply with. It does get a it bland with repetitive nails talk. So I am going with outfit of the day and not just any day! It was on my Birthday!

IMG_2997 (2)

 IMG_2995 (2) IMG_3000 IMG_3001 IMG_3011 IMG_3008 IMG_0551[1]

Location: Woolloomooloo, Australia

My Outfit:

H&M White Dress.
Charles and Keith Bangle
Zara Coat.
Glamour Puss spiked heels
Hermès Herbag

Fail Art

Hi Everyone! It has been a long absence since my last post. I had a bit of a problem on deciding what to post. I started this blog, with the notion of posting on the good things. Then I realised, it is called ‘Life Unfold’, and in life, things don’t always go the way you wanted. So, today I will share with you on a few of my nail art postings where I had planned to post but did not, because I thought it was not good enough.


The Black and Gold combination was an inspiration from my friend back in Indonesia. Her nails were done at M.Lee in Batam, Indonesia. A nail salon that I usually visit when I am back to Batam. But in Sydney, I like to use my limited creativity and do my own nail art myself.

To get the Black and Gold look, I used the following nail polish:

Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat and Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat.
Butter London Base and Top Coats

Etude House #5 Princess Mary Juicycocktail Gradation Nails.
#5 Princess Mary Etude House

SkinFood BW705 Black Nail Polish.

Butter London Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat.

The reason why I call this ‘Fail Art’, Please have a look at the perfect nail art that gave me the inspiration and my own creation.

IMG_0605[1] IMG_0768[1]

As you can see, I did not get the look I was inspired with, but I did not give up. I tried something else, to get another look. I used:

Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat, Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat and Rosie Lee Pink Glitters Nail Polish. IMG_0744[1]The FaceShop BR802 Nude Nail Polish.BR802 The Faceshop

And Voila! Another creation I was not satisfied with.

IMG_0742[1] IMG_0743[1]

But don’t get me wrong, I love all my nail polish that I mix and match them! The only problem was my imagination and result just don’t get along and it turns out a little bit different. In conclusion, Life is not always perfect, as long as you never give up and it makes you happy, that’s what matter the most. 🙂